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The course appears in eight meetings works of three hours, coordinated by three responsible teachers (direction and academic secretary), in which one will affect in the theoretical – practical proposed character. The meetings divided in two modules of hour and a half, will alternate theoretical classes given by the teachers responsible for the course, conferences at the expense of guests of the university, intellectual, creative and professional area: the writer Agustín Fernandez Mallo, the artist Marlon de Azambuja, and the architects Arturo Franco and Molina’s Santiago; and meetings debates where also the registered pupils will expose the investigation that they develop concerning the plot line of the course on the actions in the public space of Seville, moderated by guests of academic relevancy: the arquitecta Carmen Moreno, the arquitecta and publisher Paula Álvarez, the architect and publisher Ferrán Ventura, the critic of art and independent commissioner Sema D ‘ Acosta, and the architect Jose Maria of Purple.

In coherence with the argument of the course, common Actions, it tries to generate, besides a re exión deep concerning the public space of the city, a practical result, and simultaneously shared, as a project compendium in the common published and exposed space. From a catalogue of actions of nest for the teachers, guests and pupils, channelled in lessons and chats, and enriched by all the participants, will project looks and interventions, theoretical and applied, that allow a possible interpretation of the art, the architecture and the public space in the city of Seville.

Along the course, according to the milestones indicated in the program, the pupils will be elaborating a glossary of recognizable verbs in the urban environment of this city which putting in march supposes the activation and the appropriation of the public space on the part of the citizens. The above mentioned glossary, close to the information elaborated for his identi cación and analysis (mapping, photographies, videoes …) it will compose the first glossary of common Actions where the re exiones happened in the classroom across the different classes, meetings and conferences will find his echo in the city.

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