50 Housing Floor Plans

50 Housing Floor Plans o1

50 Housing Floor Plans is the second pack of the a+t research group collection aiming to promote the compact city and the desirable dwelling.

Containing 50 floor plans from recent collective housing buildings (2000-2017) with different sizes and forms (Z-shape, Butterfly, Spine, Empty Circle, Cactus…), in addition to 50 housing units taken from projects.

50 Housing Floor Plans o2

Criteria for Estimated Privacy & Exterior-ness.

a+t research group analyses all of the projects in terms of Privacy and Exterior-ness, the two behaviours which best define the desirable dwelling.

Each card in the pack shows the floor plan and a housing unit of a project.

Front of each card estimates the level of Privacy of the dwellings taking into account:

– vertical circulation cores

– horizontal circulation floor area

– real project heights

– number of housing units per storey

50 Housing Floor Plans o3

Back of each card estimates the level of Exterior-ness of the housing unit in terms of:

– exterior space %

– facade %

– number of orientations

– width of openings

– depth of the housing unit

Imperial and metric systems are used. The compact size of the pack (13×8 cm / 5×3 in) makes it easy to quickly compare and identify the advantages of each different floor plan.

50 Housing Floor Plans is our bid to disseminate the collective housing in which we would like to live. It is not a pack of playing cards. It is a pack for better living”.

a+t research group.

The collection of cards is part of the Density series, first published by a+t in 2002 and considered to be a leading reference work on collective housing worldwide.

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