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The building occupies the end of a long block, with fronts to this one and west foreseen in the urban development development of the Forest of the Helpless ones.

The fuerte dependent on the future street, on more than one plant and a half in our lot, the obligatiry nature of porch and the need to locate a small day center in ground floor they determine the offer.

The complex interpretation of the urban development regulation on the part of the technical municipal services does the rest. The budget, since it is in the habit of happening in these cases, exiguous.

The accesses both to the day center and to the housings are located approximately in the way of the front, in such a way that legally we achieve that the whole ground floor is inhabitable except auxiliary spaces that would have the consideration of basement. It turns out to be evident to indicate that a day center of these dimensions would not work with differences or different plants. In the lowest part the access to the garage places to minimize the tour of the ramp. It develops in two basements.

In the top floors a central corridor distributes the housings to both sides. The placed ones in the ends consist of a room dining room he cooks separated from the bedroom for the foyer of access and the bath. In the rest bath and kitchen are grouped in the central body, with independence of which the latter could manage to join to the room. To the housings placed together with the core of communications they a bedroom is added in the space later to this one.

The urban development regulation allows independent housings in the volume understood in the surrounding one inclined of cover. In this case, the game takes place when the building has consideration of fall more three in a zone and lowers more three and bajocubierta in other one. The presence of the porch and the notable coronation provokes the appearance both in the first plant and in the last one of a series of spaces capable of being taken advantage, in a building as this one, as common zones of stay, games, laundry … In the exterior the above mentioned presence is meant so much in the auction staggered, accompanied of the game of chimneys, since of the formal resolution applied to the porch.

Work: 31 housings for young and major and day center
Locationn: Villagarcía de Arosa, Pontevedra, Spain.
Dates of draft: I compete 2007, project 2007, end of work 2010.
Authors of the project:abalo alonso arquitectos. Elizabeth Abalo, Gonzalo Alonso
Technical architect:Francisco González Varela.
Collaborators: Carlos Bóveda, Francisco J. Vazquez. Architect.
Structure: Inaec ingeniería, Jacobo Valido.
Facilities: Inaec ingeniería, Federico Valido.
Promoter: Instituto Galego de Vivenda e Solo. Xunta de Galicia
Construction company: Indeza. Chief of work: Luis Paz.
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages
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Gran de Area 2011 Award. Vigo

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