12 miradas Manuel Gallego Jorreto

Last Wednesday, the 6th of July, 2016 Manuel Gallego Jorreto‘s exhibition was inaugurated, inside the cycle 12miradas:: Riverside stimulated by the Hijos de Rivera Corporation and Creative Laboratory Vilaseco Gallery. We will rely on the presence of the architect, that it will contribute his looks with a chat of introduction to the exhibition.


“One presents Manuel Gallego normally enumerating his prizes or his projects; it is information that appear in any rapid search realized across Internet. Information on someone who has not worried for looking for the diffusion of his work in paper and certainly much less across digital resources. Manuel Gallego is an architect occupied in constructing to improve what exists and worried for placing his work in a suitable frame that allows to open ways solving the lacks that it detects. His work places inside the necessary reflections with the territory and the history, without forgetting the tools with which it materializes the projected, without forgetting the available resources that he handles. Manuel is an architect removed from those who deal only for the form and for his ego. I attempt always whom he is interested in the architecture. It has offered us of generous form his wisdom; though I suppose that he would prefer that he was saying “his knowledge” and this way to avoid grandiloquences even in the form in which we could describe.

His twelve looks will be special for the one who does not have the fortune of his proximity and will be a moment of reflection for whom we have been lucky to be in touch with and with his place of work. Twelve Galician’s looks already were hung of the walls of his study or supported on some table that was attracting the look, supported on a book or on some plane.

The selection that he will present they are images that it was leaving floating for the study and that were not accompanied of his conversation. Important images that were sticking to our retina and to our memory and that next 6th will be accompanied of Manuel Gallego’s words, to make ourselves opened more and more ways.”

Carlos Quintans, curator

Gallego is A National Prize of Architecture (1997) and has been Professor of the Project department and Urbanism of the School of Architecture of To Corunna, as well as teacher invited in universities of the whole world. Between his works, stand out the housings one-family of Corrubedo (1970) or in Or Carballo (1979), winning Museum of Fine arts of To Corunna (1997) and Museum of the Peregrinations of Santiago de Compostela (2012), or equally known Complejo Presidencial of Galicia (2002) and Cultural Center and Town hall of To Illa de Arousa (2005-2008).

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