Carmen Portinho House [Affonso Eduardo Reidy] | DPA.19 [Reidy]

The explanations of the house for CarmenPortinho express the solution to the meeting between architecture and nature with an intense spirit sachlich: “The worry for avoiding movements of land, always expensive and harmful for elpaisaje, justifies the solution escogidapara the residence that, projected in an alone level, supports the back part on props. The plant is distribuída in agreement to the functional needs and to the sights, which, lógicamentedebían to take advantage”, Reidy says. His text sublimates the omnipresent naturalezaen the “sights” to a landscape that already we can imagine but that not even only the photographies, in if mismadas in the own house, they show. In Pedregulho, Reidy seems to repeat, rigorously and almost roughly, the same explanation, but amplifying and constructing it armonías more complex. If the set relates to the Unité of Marseilles of Le Corbusier (1946) in the frame of the ideology of the CIAM, the emplacement and the form onduladadel principal building – the block A – multiplies his references and prospers with other references.

Carmen Portinho House [Affonso Eduardo Reidy] |


Fernando Álvarez

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